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Semalt.com is a unique web analytics tool at your disposal. Think of every way it can benefit your business!

Of course it’s good to know that internet users like your website and it has a high search engine ranking. But our goal is to boom profit with the help of available Semalt online tools. This service opens new opportunities for online business.

1. Errors to fix.

Open a project in Rankings to see ‘Errors to fix’ pop-up window. These are internal and external website optimization errors preventing it from hitting the TOP Google search. Some of them can be easily fixed by you. However, when it comes to more serious ones it is recommended that you use professional help. Our SEOs will be glad to give you recommendations and optimize your web resource.

errors to fix2. Website visibility.

We have already discussed this rate and what it means. There is a direct connection between visibility and website search engine indexing and its traffic. That’s why it is so important to have this factor increased. If your website has been optimized and is being promoted in terms of query keywords, you will see progress.

website visibility

3. Keywords on TOP.

Semalt Web Analyzer precisely defines website rankings for the keywords on your list. Some queries are more popular, some are rarely used. Don’t forget to pay attention to organic search positions. If the query keywords you consider important for your business are at the bottom this mean you should act immediately.

keywords on top

Useful tips:

  • Review your tags, meta-keywords, titles and description.
  • Add more content on your webpages using low-ranked keywords.
  • If a rarely used query reflects the website’s objective, it should be also used for the website promotion. Here are examples of such rare queries: “Brooklyn divorce attorney”, “discount maternity clothes in Seattle” etc.


Having gathered information, you can start analyzing the website promotion results and marketing campaign efficiency. If you don’t like the results you got you can ask ours SEOs for help. We will perform a SEO audit and find a best way to improve the website’s visibility and ranking, drive new customers and to get maximum profit from your website. With reliable SEO strategies, you can save much money on expensive marketing campaigns. You can choose between AutoSEO (link promotion) and Full SEO (internal and external optimization) service packages.

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