Be a web analytics expert with

You think you need some special skills and knowledge for that? Not really. Experience is what matters most. Especially now that Semalt Web Analyticss is available for every use absolutely for free. We are going to tell you how to make full use of the service.

What is Semalt

It is one of the most efficient web analytics services ever. It carries out the following functions:

  • Semantic kernel selection
  • Google organic search website ranking monitoring
  • Comparing data for the specified time periods
  • Website visibility analysis
  • Defining the number of backlinks and referring domains
  • Automatic reporting

Semalt allows you to get the most accurate information about Google search keyword website ranking as well as select these keywords for your website promotion. Semalt LLC has developed this product especially for the website owners and bloggers who are not satisfied with incorrect data provided by other services.

How to start with Semalt Web Analyzer

  1. Use any web browser you like to open the main page.
  2. In the field “ENTER URL”, type the web address you need in the format ‘’. Then click “Start now!”
  3. You will have to wait a bit for the system to analyze all the necessary data.
  4. After the analysis is over, you need to enter your details to register a new account:
  • Email
  • Password
  • Name
  1. Click “Login or Register”. You can also use Facebook, Google+ or Microsoft account to skip the registration and sign in.
  2. Done! You will get the project list as soon as the system has processed the data it received.

Let’s start!


Start your work with Semalt from Dashboard. The system will direct you to this page. Other menu sections are available in Main Menu under Dashboard. We will talk about them later on.

You can create as many projects as you like in your account. Please note that you can have one website monitored for several search engines depending on your website target audience.

Rankings Dashboard

Here one can see the list of available projects and their short description. You can edit a project and view general information on the website rankings without opening a separate project page. An easy to use filter will help you quickly find the project you need on the list.

Have you noticed that a project name is duplicated on the list? And now look more closely, these are separate profiles for different search engines.

Project Page

Open Project page with just one click. Select the dates you need on the calendar to view statistics. There are several options available:

  • Show positions — history of changes for these positions
  • Compare — comparing of positions as of initial date and final date

Summary page provides you with key information on your website including the website visibility rate. Learn more about it here. It will be changing after every update. Plus you can customize the way information is displayed:

  • in-depth changes
  • global changes

Keywords activity is the information the whole monitoring is about. You can view dayly/weekly/monthly keywords activity rate. SEOs recommend you view monthly keyword activity rate report because a larger period of time shows change dynamics. Details of how to analyze keywords activity are available here.

Website positions page provides detailed information on website rankings in terms of query keywords. Here you can use a handy filter to select the words and phrases you need. They can be divided into groups and sorted depending on their rankings: TOP 100, TOP 50 etc.

You don’t know which keywords and phrases to add? Suggestions function will solve this issue. Just tick off suitable words on the list of suggestions.

Instant report

Semalt Web Analytics Service allows instant creating and downloading .PDF and .CSV reports. You do not need to go to Report Center for you can do this right on the project page. Just click a button to download report in the field website positions.

Now you know that you can perform a professional website monitoring absolutely for free. This is a unique tool that shows how efficient your promotion strategy is. In case you are not satisfied with its results, Semalt team is always here to help you fix any errors and start an efficient optimization campaign on the internet.