Are big numbers always good?

The majority of users pay attention to the website visibility rate and completely ignore keywords website ranking. There are many factors that influence visibility:

  • Internal website optimization
  • content
  • backlinks
  • blog posts/forums
  • social media activity

High visibility rate is beyond any doubt good. It means that every targeted page has been indexed by Google and users can easily find your website on the internet. However, it is not your primary goal. Check your keyword rankings and they will show how your customers find the website on the net.


So, you’ve launched a website with the most creative design imaginable, added perfect content, offered best prices for your goods and services…and still you have no visitors. Why? The thing is your website does not comply with the Google rules. To ensure high visibility one needs to get correct tags, meta-keywords, titles, description. In fact, it is these tags that “tell” a search engine information about your website. After webpages have been indexed, this information is added to the search engine so next time your potential customer enter their query on Google, the system will “remember” that your website might be useful. The website will appear on the first page of search results and a user is 98% likely to click it.

Be active

Latest surveys show that traffic mainly comes from Facebook. Then come other social networks like Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. Visibility can be also increased by social media promotion. This is a very easy-to-use method – you post some information with a link to your website. If a user gets interested, he or she will follow the link and share your post with friends. The more people follow the link the more traffic you get.

Linkbuilding is another way to drive traffic and raise your website’s visibility. To learn more, ask Semalt managers or read AutoSEO.

Visibility and competitiveness on the Web

Do the websites being promoted by rare query keywords need to have their visibility increased? For example, if you run a company supplying medical equipment in Seattle, you are sure to have long-term customers. They already know your website address and they are very unlikely to start searching for a new supplier on social networks and blogs. However, visibility is not something one should completely ignore because with the help of Google more new clients and partners may find you.

Thus, rise in website visibility is beyond any doubt important, but different websites require different promotion methods. If you are not satisfied with your website’s visibility rate then our experienced SEOs will consult you and help develop a unique promotion strategy.